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Replacing service dependencies with proxies

When using the Zend Framework 2 service manager, it is possible to create shared services that will be loaded only once. In some situations however, it is very hard to switch the already injected dependencies in this service. You could mark the service as unshared even if this is often unnecessary. Another solution is to wrap the service with a proxy object and use the proxy instead of the service.

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11 Oct 2014 | Comments | Tags: zf2 proxy doctrine

Generating ZF2 template maps on the fly

One of the performance boosters in Zend Framework 2 is using template_map instead of template_path_stack in the view manager. While developing, it is easier to use the stack. This is because you don't have to add a mapping every time you create a new view. At the end of the development you might forget to transform the stack into a template map. This is why it is useful to never use the stack and automate the generation of the template_map array instead.

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19 Aug 2014 | Comments | Tags: grunt zf2

Validating your PHP code on the fly

It's amazing how much time you can loose while running PHP tests. First you alter your code or test. Next you start your test and wait for it to finish. Finally you find out you messed up and start the process all over again. In this article I am going to show you how to automate PHP testing, so you can focus on adding business value to your application.

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21 Jan 2014 | Comments | Tags: grunt phpspec zf2 php

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